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Last Statement Update - Monday, November 12, 2018
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Thank you! 
Dear Church Treasurers,

I wanted to apologize for the delay in updating the website. I was on vacation and then ended up in the hospital right after I got home. The website should be updated now. Again, sorry for the delay. I should be back in the office soon. Thank you to John Kosten and the rest of the Treasury staff for their help during this difficult time.

Blessings to you all,
In Christ,
Rich Pittenger - Accounts Receivable
(810) 233-5500 ext. 4134
rpittenger@michiganumc.org (New Email Address!)


Dear Church Treasurers,
As we become one conference you may have noticed that we have already combined the staff of the Treasury office. However, we have been working out of two offices and are moving to one office located in the Lansing area. As such, we are changing the process of how we are handling Ministry Share payments and will be utilizing a lockbox. You will continue to process your monthly Ministry Shares as you have done in the past however, you will be mailing them to a different address. Please remit all Ministry Shares to the following address:

Ministry Shares
PO Box 72472
Cleveland, OH 44192-0002

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Treasury Office at 616-459-4503.
David Dobbs
Conference Treasury/Director of Administrative Services


1. Why are we sending our Ministry Shares to Cleveland, Ohio? Are the Ministry Shares being outsourced?
* The Treasurer’s Office has developed a relationship with Huntington Bank and will be using them to process checks. Instead of receiving all of the checks into our new office and requiring us to deposit them manually, we have opened a Lockbox (see below) that will deposit the checks. The reason we have the Ministry Shares going to Cleveland, Ohio is that this is the Lockbox that Huntington Bank uses and after much research we have found that this Lockbox is the most effective and efficient one that is available. This Lockbox process will ensure that your checks will be deposited quickly and efficiently.
* We are not outsourcing the work of the Ministry Shares. Rich Pittenger, the Accounts Receivable Clerk in the Michigan Conference Treasurer’s Office, will still be doing all of the posting of Ministry Shares. This process will not change and he will be available to answer any questions regarding Ministry Shares.

2. What is a Lockbox?
* The Lockbox is a check depositing location. They process checks and provide a scan of everything sent in to the Treasurer’s Office. This allows for the process to be more efficient and for checks to be deposited in a very timely manner.

3. Is this effective immediately?
* Yes, it is effective immediately. With the Grand Rapids and Flint offices closing and us moving to the Lansing area, we needed to get this in place as soon as possible. Checks that are sent to the Grand Rapids office may be delayed because the mail will have to be picked up and brought to the Lansing office.

4. Can we still use an ACH to pay for our Ministry Shares and/or Pension and Health Benefits?
* Yes, if you have set up an ACH for paying Ministry Shares this will not change.

5. What else do I need to know about this change?
* Please continue to make checks payable to: West Michigan Conference
* Please send a statement with your payment, but please do not write on the back of the sheets. Anything sent in will be scanned and will help us know how the payments are to be applied.
* Please do not combine your Ministry Shares with your Pension and Health Benefits payments. The Pension and Health Benefits has a separate Lockbox number. This will help us keep them separate and ensure that we get the checks applied to the right place.

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. We will continue to be blessed and a blessing to others through this time of transition!

Rich Pittenger
Accounts Receivable Clerk
810-233-5500 ext. 4134

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Remittances are posted daily Monday through Friday and online church statements are updated after each posting.

Conference Treasurer's Office Contact Information 
David Dobbs
Conference Treasurer
616-459-4503 ext 4130

Becky Emmert
Executive Administrator
616-459-4503 ext 4131

Jennifer Gertz
EZRA Database Specialist / Benefits Administrative Assistant
616-459-4503 ext 4135

John Kosten
616-459-4503 ext 4111

Chad Lundy
616-459-4503 ext 4133

Mike Mayo-Moyle
I.T. Specialist
616-459-4503 ext 4136

Rich Pittenger
Accounts Receivables/Ministry Shares
616-459-4503 ext 4134

Nancy Wyllys
Accounts Payable/Moving
616-459-4503 ext 4132

Mailing Address for Ministry Shares:
Ministry Shares
PO Box 72472
Cleveland, OH 44912-0002

Street Address:
Michigan Conference Center North
1161 E. Clark Rd, Ste. 212
DeWitt, MI 48820