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Last Statement Update - Thursday, April 28, 2016
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Through the Ministry Shares covenant, the people of The United Methodist Church connect together to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Ministry Shares provide an opportunity to do together what no one person or congregation could do alone. It is an opportunity to multiply and share God's gifts in the world.

Track Your Church's Ministry Shares Performance

The Council on Finance and Administration is providing a tool to help members of local congregations keep track of how their church is doing in meeting its obligation to support the shared ministry of The United Methodist Church. A file showing the amount of each church’s Ministry Share and the progress each has made in paying that amount is available to all for viewing and/or download. To access that file point to this link to the Treasurers’ website.

The churches in the file are organized by district; click on your district to find your church. In addition to the progress being made this year, the percentage each church paid of their Ministry Share for two prior years are also listed. Please check on your church’s progress. If there any questions or discrepancies between the church's records and this report, contact Pros Tumonong, Conference Treasurer, treas@wmcumc.org, or Ann Buck abuck@wmcumc.org at 616-459-4503 or 1- 888-217-1905.

Treasury Notes - e-Newsletter December 2015 
Year End Due Dates Important Reminders

Important Due dates for 2015 reports/transactions

• December 22, 2015 – Request for payments or reimbursements are due in the Conference Treasurer’s Office (CTO), attention: Ann Buck.

• January 18, 2016 – Monthly Remittance Report of 2015 Ministry Shares and Designated Gifts. Please mark clearly “FINAL for 2015 “.

• February 8, 2016 – Deadline for Tables 1, 2 and 3. Enter data on the Internet at
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  • For guidance, please refer to the letter sent by our Statisticians Tom Fox and Ron Iris, email address:statistician@wmcumc.org or statisticianassist@wmcumc.org, respectively.

    • January 31, 2016 – By this date, the IRS Form W-2 must be provided to every employee. Be sure to check the accuracy of names and Social Security numbers. Guidelines for completing the clergy W-2 is found on the Treasurers web site.

    • February 28, 2016 – Deadline to submit IRS Form W-3 and W2's for 2015.

    2015 Ministry Shares and Advance Special Giving –

    Thank You for your gifts and prayers. Please continue your fine effort in paying ministry shares. If you are able, give more than 100% to help other churches that are still experiencing financial distress. At this time, we are behind our projected receipts. If the remittances don’t improve we won’t be able to fulfill the financial commitment of our conference and some ministries would not be adequately supported.
    Your gifts make a difference in people’s lives---and your generosity will bring great praise to God.

    Other Reminders

    • Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA) – Good news! Up to $500 unused account balance at the end of 2015 will be allowed to carry over to the following year in the Conference program. Clergy, please submit your 2016 FSA to John Kosten before January 15, 2016.

    • Attention Treasurers! It is ILLEGAL for employers and local churches to offer FSA to your pastor or other employees. Starting 2014, FSA can be offered only if the employer has a group plan. (Reference IRS Notice 2013-54) The IRS is expected to be stricter starting 2015. Unless your church administers its own group plan, you cannot have FSA. Pastors are encouraged to avail of the Conference FSA program.

    • Qualified Changes in Family Status – Birth or adoption of a child, marriage, , divorce, are examples of changes that are bases for changes in FSA or family medical coverage. These events must be reported to John Kosten in the Conference Treasurer’s Office within 30 days of the qualified event. See page 41 of the Health Care Benefits Guide.

    • Pre Certification of Medical Necessity – is required for certain non-emergency services before Medical or surgical services are provided. Non-compliance can be costly for you. Call MedWatch at 800-432-8421 (refer to Health Insurance Card).

    • UMPIP Savings – When pastors move, a new form must be submitted. Get the form from the web site. Now is a good time to increase savings in UMPIP. Churches will match clergy personal savings up to 1% of plan compensation (cash salary plus housing). You can offset the reduced pension benefits in CRSP by increasing your UMPIP savings.

    • Virgin Pulse HealthMiles Wellness Program – Start the New Year on the right foot. Sign up to win dollar incentives on the way to good health.
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  • • 2016 Ministry Shares Brochure – You can download the new brochure to help interpret the 2016 Ministry Shares from the Treasurer's Toolbox (right). 2016 Budget Narrative.

    • The Center for Church Leadership offers a helpful piece Christmas Offering
  • How to do a Christmas Offering Well

  • For a video material you can try YouTube
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  • Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our shared mission to make disciples of Jesus Chris1, so that the world will be transformed.

    Visit the Top of this page to track your Church Financial Giving to Ministry Shares, as well as look for information in the Treasurer's and Trustee's Toolbox to the right.

    Questions? Contact Us

    Pros Tumonong-Conference Treasurer & Benefits Officer (treas@wmcumc.org )
    Russ Geske-Accounting Manager (rgeske@wmcumc.org )
    John Kosten-Benefits Coordinator & Payroll (johnk@wmcumc.org )
    Ann Buck-Ministry Shares Receivables, Property & Workers Comp Insurance (abuck@wmcumc.org )

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