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Last Statement Update - Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Through the Ministry Shares covenant, the people of The United Methodist Church connect together to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Ministry Shares provide an opportunity to do together what no one person or congregation could do alone. It is an opportunity to multiply and share God's gifts in the world.

Track Your Church's Ministry Shares Performance

The Council on Finance and Administration is providing a tool to help members of local congregations keep track of how their church is doing in meeting its obligation to support the shared ministry of The United Methodist Church. A file showing the amount of each church’s Ministry Share and the progress each has made in paying that amount is available to all for viewing and/or download. To access that file point to this link to the Treasurers’ website.

The churches in the file are organized by district; click on your district to find your church. In addition to the progress being made this year, the percentage each church paid of their Ministry Share for two prior years are also listed. Please check on your church’s progress. If there any questions or discrepancies between the church's records and this report, contact Pros Tumonong, Conference Treasurer, treas@wmcumc.org, or Ann Buck abuck@wmcumc.org at 616-459-4503 or 1- 888-217-1905.

Treasury Notes - e-Newsletter May 2015 
Welcome to Annual Conference!

CFA Initial Report
2016 Projected Health Care Rate
Information Session on Pension and Health Benefits
Health Screening at Annual Conference

CFA Initial Report.

Thank You for your prayers and contributions! The Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) recommends to the Annual Conference a reduction in the Ministry Shares Rate from 13.25% to 13% for the 2016 Budget. The CFA intends to follow a judicious path to bring down the rate lower over a three-year period so that the conference can perform its mandated role in The United Methodist Church. Hear the report on June 4 in the evening (scheduled at 8:15PM).

2016 Projected Health Care Rate.
The Conference Board of Pension and Health Benefits have approved a slight increase of 4.7% in the Projected Billing Rate to the churches for 2016. This rate increase compares favorably to the prevailing increases in the market of close to 10%. We are blessed by a good year with lower medical claims and we are thankful for the work of the Board in making adjustments to the Plan. This advance notice is for budget planning in the local churches and the final rate will be announced later in August.
The 2016 Blended Rate that will be billed to each Charge will be $18,849 annually ($1,571 monthly) for every clergy participant. Clergy who are appointed half-time or more are mandated to participate with exception of those who opt out because they are covered under their spouse’s employer plan.

If the pastor in the Charge is appointed half-time or more and is covered by the health insurance of his/her spouse, the bill to the Charge will be $350 monthly. The increase of $100 per month has been anticipated and reflects the need to share in supporting our Health Care plan for clergy under our connectional system.

Information Session on Pension and Health Benefits

You are invited to this session with time for Q and A on June 4, Thursday. The Pension portion will be at 9:30 to 10:40 AM and the Health Care portion will be at 10:50 to Noon. These sessions are open to laity and clergy and you don’t have to register for annual conference. Keep apprised of how the church cares for and supports our clergy.

Health Screening at Annual Conference

We will be offering Wellness Clinics at the Annual Conference at Calvin College for our clergy. Below are dates and times we will be performing health screenings.
Friday, June 6th Saturday, June 7th Sunday, June 8th
6:00am-8:30am 6:00am-8:30am 6:00am-12:00pm
3:00pm-5:30pm 3:00pm-5:30pm
Our Wellness Clinics will be held in Room 125 of the Covenant Fine Arts Center. Please call 866-680-4859 ext. 203 to reserve a time slot.
Reserve a timeslot at the Annual Conference by calling Health Plan Advocate at (616) 575-0211 Ext 203.
We appreciate your participation in the Wellness Program and look forward to seeing you at Annual Conference!

Additional Incentives for Virgin HealthMiles

Participants in the conference health plans are encouraged to sign up in the denomination’s wellness program through the Virgin Pulse. There will be a bonus of $25 for meeting your target for two successive quarters, and another $25 for meeting 3 successive targets and $50 for meeting all 4 quarters’ targets. There could be a total of $100 bonuses in addition to the $25 for meeting target each quarter. Grand total of $200 maximum money rewards will be available starting January 1, 2015. Click to Join Now.

See you at Annual Conference

Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our shared mission to make disciples of Jesus Chris1. Visit the Treasurers website www.wmc.umconline.org to track your financial giving to Ministry Shares and for other resources.
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Pros Tumonong, Conference Treasurer & Benefits Officer (treas@wmcumc.org)
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John Kosten, Benefits Coordinator & Payroll (kostenj@wmcumc.org)
Ann Buck, Ministry Shares, Property & Workers Comp Insurance (ABuck@wmcumc.org)

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