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Last Statement Update - Friday, September 05, 2014
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Through the Ministry Shares covenant, the people of The United Methodist Church connect together to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Ministry Shares provide an opportunity to do together what no one person or congregation could do alone. It is an opportunity to multiply and share God's gifts in the world.

Track Your Church's Ministry Shares Performance

The Council on Finance and Administration is providing a tool to help members of local congregations keep track of how their church is doing in meeting its obligation to support the shared ministry of The United Methodist Church. A file showing the amount of each church’s Ministry Share and the progress each has made in paying that amount is available to all for viewing and/or download. To access that file point to this link to the Treasurers’ website.

The churches in the file are organized by district; click on your district to find your church. In addition to the progress being made this year, the percentage each church paid of their Ministry Share for two prior years are also listed. Please check on your church’s progress. If there any questions or discrepancies between the church's records and this report, contact Pros Tumonong, Conference Treasurer, treas@wmcumc.org, or Ann Buck abuck@wmcumc.org at 616-459-4503 or 1- 888-217-1905.

Treasury Notes - E-Newsletter June 2014 
Treasury Notes

Conference Treasurer’s Office (CTO) e – Newsletter June 2, 2014

Finance and Benefits Events
At Annual Conference

Health Clinics at Annual Conference

Health Clinics will be available. Participate and receive $50 On the Spot. The Board of Pension and Health Benefits provides this incentive to underscore the benefits of this Wellness Program. Contact Linda Stauffer at(lstauffer@healthplanadvocate.com ) lstauffer@healthplanadvocate.com to secure a time slot. Watch for email from Linda in Health Plan Advocate.

Pension and Health Benefits Forum- June 11 at 9:30AM to Noon.

Pension and Health Care Benefits presentations with Q and A will be held on Wednesday, June 11 starting at 9:30 to 12PM in Room 222. Have your questions answered or comments/suggestions heard. To multiply the benefits of this forum, bring your spouse; or, if you cannot attend have your spouse attend.

Focus will be on the ways you can be a smart consumer of your benefits by giving “tips” on how to save on your health care costs and how to avoid costly missteps; and, how to plan and save for your retirement.

Special Dinner: General Board Presents “Financial Security at Retirement”- June 11 at 5:30PM

Special Dinner (reservation required) to help clergy optimize savings will be held on June 11 at 5:30PM. The financial challenges upon retirement can be daunting without a good plan during your working years. As you know, pension benefits have been reduced. The good news is there are ways to make up and even do better. Learn how your pension benefit work so you can make it work better for your.

CFA Reports

Learn the financial story in 2013. How the conference and our local churches used the resources God provided through our faithful members and supporters. And, understand the factors and implications that came into play in the development of the 2015 Ministry Shares Budget.

See you at Annual Conference!

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. I always pray for you, and I make my requests with a heart full of joy…” (Php1:3-4)

Thank you for your prayers and financial support of our shared mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ, so that the world will be transformed. Visit the Treasurers website wmc.umconline.org to track your financial giving to Ministry Shares and for other information.

Questions? Contact Us
Pros Tumonong, Conference Treasurer & Benefits Officer (treas@wmcumc.org )
Russ Geske, Accounting Manager (rgeske@wmcumc.org )
John Kosten, Benefits Coordinator & Payroll (johnk@wmcumc.org )
Ann Buck, Receivables, Property & Workers Comp Insurance (abuck@wmcumc.org )

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